The EU has introduced a new "dark-red" zone of COVID-19

  • The EU has introduced a new dark-red zone of COVID-19

Kyiv: The Council of Europe has renewed its rules on the movement inside the Eurozone. Thus, a new "dark-red" coronavirus spread zone was added.

This is what the Council of Europe press service does.

The new zone was added with the presence of "green", "orange", "red" and "gray". "Dark-red" will be marked in those regions, where the COVID circulation is found on very high levels, in the volume of the mutation. They will be exposed to areas, where the indicator of disease in 14 days is 500 or more per 100 populations.

Citizens who travel from the "dark-red" region must duly take the COVID-19 test until entry and quarantine or self-isolation by access to another country.

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