Saudi Arabia suspends vaccination with Pfizer

  • Saudi Arabia suspends vaccination with Pfizer

Doha: The Saudi Arabian authorities announced the suspension of vaccination of the population against coronavirus with a drug from the American company Pfizer due to disruptions in delivery times.

This is stated in a statement released on Thursday by the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia.

"The schedule for the introduction of the coronavirus vaccine for those who received the first dose is changing due to the delay in deliveries of the vaccine to the kingdom and to all the countries exporting the vaccine from the company due to the suspension of the plant to expand production. The date of the second dose is postponed Those who received the first dose will be sent a text message with the new vaccination dates," - the ministry said on Twitter.

According to the government of Saudi Arabia, since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 365.5 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the kingdom, of which 6338 patients have died.

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