Japanese PM states he’s going to have phone conversation with Joe Biden

  • Japanese PM states hes going to have phone conversation with Joe Biden

Kyiv: Prime minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga discusses option of holding phone negotiation with 46th U.S. president Joseph Biden. He stated that in Monday briefing.

Moreover, Suga emphasized he was working the idea of business visit in the U.S.

,,As for phone conversation with Mr. Biden and my visit in America, nothing is decided at present. We intend to agree upon according to upcoming schedule’’, he said.

As previously known, U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden received more than 270 electoral votes in U.S. presidential election.

U.S. presidential election occurred on November 3. On that day Americans voted for president, vice-president, 435 members of House of Representatives, one third of Senate of Congress and Governors of 13 states.

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