Russian credit can’t solve all economic problems for Belarus – Ukrainian expert

  • DirectorofUkrainianinstituteofpoliticalsciencesRuslanBortnik

    Director of Ukrainian institute of political sciences Ruslan Bortnik

Kyiv: President of Russia Vladimir Putin’s promised 1,5 milliard loan for Belarus can only temporarily stabilize the country’s situation, director of Ukrainian institute of political sciences Ruslan Bortnik claims in interview with Front News International.

The expert noted that amount of credit actually equals to the costs experienced by Belarusian banking system for a while due to instability in the currency market.

,,It will occur to Belarus a temporarily defined stabilization but, of course, this credit won’t able to solve all economic problems including key tasks from them. It will have only delayed crisis by the future’’, Bortnik commented. 

Besides that, political scientist emphasized that giving the loan by Russia implies deepening of ties of dependence of Belarus on it and avoiding Ukrainian scenario.

According to Central Election Commission of Belarus, current Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko won the vote with 80,1 %.

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