The Times view on Ukraine’s President Zelensky: Standing up to Putin

  • The Times view on Ukraines President Zelensky Standing up to Putin

KYIV- A professional comedian was yesterday sworn in as president of Ukraine but if he isn’t careful it may be Vladimir Putin who gets the last laugh. The election of Volodymyr Zelensky could be seen as a desperate attempt to lighten the political mood in a country that has lost 13,000 lives in a five-year struggle with Russian-backed forces in the east. Or it could be viewed as a despairing rejection of a political class that is seen as irredeemably corrupt. Either way, Mr Zelensky needs to get serious. High spending on defence squeezes the rest of the economy, unemployment is high and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have left the country in search of work. What’s more, oligarchs treat politicians as puppets.

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