Kiev faces a higher fire danger this weekend. How to behave during a fire

  • Kiev faces a higher fire danger this weekend How to behave during a fire

Kyiv. This weekend, May 6-7th, Kyiv will be dominated by an extraordinary level (class 5) of fire danger, Ukrainian Hydro Meteorological Center said.

Residents and guests of the Ukrainian capital are urged to use fire cautiously, especially in forest areas. In addition, experts recall the rules of behavior in the event of a fire.

If you are in the fire:

  • Do not panic and do not take hasty rash decisions;
  • Do not run away from the flame, quickly approaching, in the opposite direction from the fire, overcome the edge of the fire against the wind, covering your head and face with clothing;
  • Leave quickly the danger zone, perpendicular to the direction of the spread of fire;

If you cannot escape from the fire, then go out into the open area or clearing, enter the pond or cover with wet clothing and breathe air, over the very surface of the earth (here it is less smoked) and cover your nose with clothing or a piece of any fabric.

Particular care must be taken in places of peat fires. Rescuers are asked to take into account the fact that deep funnels can be created there, so move as far as possible by checking the stick with the depth of the layer burned out.

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