A year of the big liberal cycle and political turbulence - what will 2019 be?

  • A year of the big liberal cycle and political turbulence - what will 2019 be

Kyiv: The year 2019 will be held under the question of preparation for the two elections (presidential and parliamentary - ed.). That is what will determine the political life in Ukraine in the New 2019. It begins with the start of the election campaign and ends with elections to the Ukrainian parliament. This will increase the level of political conflict and turbulence. In addition, after all this, we should expect the formation of a new government, which may be delayed by the end of December 2019. This means that the year will not be simple, this year is a year of a large liberal cycle, which will be marked by competition for a place in power.

According to the Ukrainian political analyst Petro Oleshchuk, the year 2019 “will not contribute to stability,” since the MPs will use the work in parliament for their election campaign.

“Parliament will turn into a big campaign fund. A large number of deputies will run for president’s finances. The protests and repainting of power will last throughout the year. This will not contribute to stability,” he said.

Despite the active political season in 2019, some experts believe that the worst for Ukraine will be the year 2020 since this year it will be determined “what Ukraine will be for the next decade”.

“It will be difficult, tense, marked by competition. Only the most difficult will be 2020. Then the question becomes: what is next for Ukraine? The question will be what will be the course in the new government. 2019, the year of change, 2020, determines what Ukraine will be for a whole decade,” said Ukrainian political analyst Vadym Karasyov.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the election period may also be conflicting.

“Given the existence of a conflict with Russia - I think that anyone who becomes the winner of the presidential election will feel the red line, for which it will be impossible to cross. He will act more or less cautiously,” Volodymyr Fesenko, a Ukrainian political analyst and head of the Penta Center for Applied Political Research, told Front News International.

Thus, after the election of a new president of the country, conflicts may arise between him and the parliament, as well as between him and the government.

Ivan Rosada, FNI

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