Steven Seagal was banned from Ukraine for five years

  • Steven Seagal was banned from Ukraine for five years

Kyiv. May, 5th. Front News International - Security Service of Ukraine banned Hollywood actor Steven Seagal from entry on the territory of the state on 5 year term , stated in replying SBU Consumer Information Request "apostrophe" says Front News International.

 "Using the part 1 Article 13 of the Law of Ukraine" On legal status of foreigners and persons without citizenship and Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On the foundations of the National Security of Ukraine", Security service of Ukraine recognizing right decision at entrance to Ukraine for indicated person for 5 years"- says Security service.

 In the statement was also clarified that decision on entrance to Ukraine is taken in case if there is enough information that is received in establishing law, about fact of committing by personality socially dangerous deeds, independently from territory of its committing, which contrary to Interest Provision Security of Ukraine, warning, Identify, and stop Disclosure which applies for the competence of the SSU.

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