US Senate Lacks Votes to Impeach Trump

  • US Senate Lacks Votes to Impeach Trump

Washington: There will not be enough votes in the upper house of the US Congress to declare impeachment to the 45th US President Donald Trump. The Senate lacks 12 votes.

The Hill writes about this.

Thus, Republican Rand Paul on January 26 initiated a vote in the Senate, during which he proposed to recognize the impeachment process of Tramp as unconstitutional. He was supported by 45 Republicans. At the same time, 5 more were on the side of the Democrats in this matter.

Republicans Mitt Romney, Ben Sass, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Pat Toomey joined the Democrats in the vote.

In the US Senate there are now 50 representatives of the Republican parties, 48 ​​- of the Democratic, 2 - positioning themselves as independent. In total - 100 deputies. In order to make a decision on impeachment, it must be supported by a two-thirds majority (67 out of 100). So Democrats need to get the support of 12 more Republicans.

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