Rally against tariffs in Kiev

  • Rally against tariffs in Kiev

Kiev: On the Independence Square in Kiev, a protest action is taking place against the increase in tariffs for utilities. About 100 people gathered under the stele on the Maidan. In their hands they hold banners and posters dedicated to the rise in prices for the as well as against the lockdown.

In particular, representatives of the #SaveIndividualentrepreneur movement, protesting on Independence Square since December 15, joined the protest against the tariffs.

Special police forces, as well as dialogue police, are on duty at the site of the action.

Note that in Kiev, tariffs for heat and hot water have increased. The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko announced this the other day. According to him, residents of apartment buildings will pay for utilities at tariffs as early as 2019.

It should be reminded that against the background of protests by Ukrainians caused by a significant increase in the cost of gas for household consumers, the authorities undertook to look for ways to reduce it.

The Naftogaz Ukrainy company confirmed its readiness to supply gas to households at UH 6.99 per cubic meter within the framework of the Monthly tariff plan. It will be in effect during the quarantine or heating season. New tariffs will be approved on January 19. The amount of payments will decrease by 500-800 UH.

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