Junior Eurovision 2020 results: France’s Valentina is the winner with “J’imagine”

  • Junior Eurovision 2020 results Frances Valentina is the winner with Jimagine

Paris: Junior Eurovision 2020 saw 12 countries take to the stage (remotely) in Warsaw, Poland. The Netherlands’ Unity sang outside their frontdoors. Spain’s Soleá brought urban flamenco pop realness. And Kazakhstan’s Karakat Bashanova spread her wings.

Unfortunately, and despite all the immense talent on display, only one act could win. This year’s honour goes to Valentina from France with her song “J’imagine”.

France was drawn to perform 12th, and producers couldn’t have wished for a better closing act. Valentina stuck firmly to the formula that secured France two top-five finishes since its 2018 return — catchy pop with that unique “je ne sais quoi”.

With an infectious smile that shone through the screen and staging just as bright as her personality, the vivacious singer swept the board with both the jury and online vote.

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