Armen Jigarkhanian, USSR-born actor, died at 85

  • Armen Jigarkhanian USSR-born actor died at 85

Kyiv: People’s Artist of USSR Armen Jigarkhanian died at 85, his friend Artur Sogomonian informed ,,Interfax’’ agency on Saturday.

According to him, death was caused by age and illness of the actor.

,,It’s pity but Armen Borisovich passed away. His heart stopped beating at 6 am’’, Sogomonian said.

Armen Jigarkhanian was born on October 3, 1935. Armen Jigarkhanian is known with his roles in such movies as: ,,Hello, it’s me!’’, ,,New adventures of elusives’’, ,,Dog in the manger’’, ,,Hello, I’m your aunt’’, ,,Don’t change meeting place’’, ,,Tehran-43’’, ,,City Zero’’, ,,Passport’’, ,,King-killer’’.

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