Observers revealed first violation facts in Ukrainian elections

  • Observers revealed first violation facts in Ukrainian elections

Kyiv: Specialists of public organization ,,Chestno’’ (,,Fairly’’) who take part in local elections in Ukraine as observers, revealed first violation facts.

According to the organization, in Kharkiv voters don’t follow social distance at the polling stations while commission members don’t use face masks.

Besides that, three polling stations were opened too late in Sviatigorsk (Donetsk Oblast).

It’s informed that commission members, who must vote from home, weren’t issued protective costumes. 

Moreover, face masks are given out by Aleksandr Tretiakov charity fund in Sviatoshin district (Kyiv) while Tretiakov is running on behalf of Vitali Klitschko’s (Mayor of Kyiv) party ,,Udar’’ (,,Punch’’).

Furthermore, according civilian net ,,Opora’’, voting process began earlier than 8:00 am (7:50) in one of the polling places in village Osipovka (Khmelnitsk Oblast).

On October 25, voting for new composition of village, town, city, district and region (oblast) councils, also mayors and heads of villages and towns is held in Ukraine. Voting for nominees of local council deputies at every level is available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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