Biden supports for Puerto Rican statehood

  • Biden supports for Puerto Rican statehood

Kyiv: Visiting Kissimmee in central Florida on Tuesday which is home to a sizable Puerto Rican population, U.S. presidential nominee Joe Biden said that he personally supports adding Puerto Rico as a state, he will work with both sides of what is a bitter debate on the island and let voters there ultimately decide their course, Fox News reports

,,I believe that statehood would be the most effective means of ensuring that residents of Puerto Rico are treated equally’’, he said. 

Biden also emphasized, “the people of Puerto Rico must decide, and the United States federal government must respect and act on that’’. 

It should be reminded that referendum on the political status of Puerto Rico was held in Puerto Rico on June 11, 2017. The referendum had three options: becoming a state of the United States, independence/free association, or maintaining the current territorial status. Those who voted overwhelmingly chose statehood by 97%.

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