Mark Ginsburg: 5G is not a marketing device, but a technological necessity

  • Mark Ginsburg 5G is not a marketing device but a technological necessity

Kyiv: The introduction of fifth-generation 5G networks will free the industry in the same way as mobile communications freed employees from being tied to a specific workplace, Ukrainian-American businessman Mark Ginsburg said in a video blog on his YouTube channel.

According to him, 5G communication is an extremely low signal delay, which allows us to talk about "conducting decentralized systems."

“The introduction of 5G marks the end of the predominance of wires in production. Finished! We will not be tied with a cord to any cable. Therefore, fifth-generation communications will make it possible to talk about decentralized systems. This will free the industry in much the same way as mobile communications freed employees from being tied to a specific workplace,” he stressed.

At the same time, Ginsburg also noted: “The fifth generation of mobile communications is not about the communications market, but about the digital economy.”

“We must be aware that a generational change in cellular networks occurs every 10 years, and will continue like this. Because sometimes it happens that changing some formats is a tribute to marketing. In this case, this is not a marketing device, but a technological necessity. If we recall what speeds of mobile Internet were present before 4th generation networks. 3G was enough for email and social networking, enough. But massive video calls were already inaccessible, and when the epidemic of Coronavirus and quarantine arose now, people ended up in their apartments, and there was a need for tens, hundreds, millions of individual and corporate calls. Fantastic traffic ... One couldn’t even think about it until then. And very many wanted to communicate in video communication, this was a necessity. Mass video calls within the framework of the 3G network format were absolutely impossible. But today we are talking about the fact that in our mobile devices virtual technology and augmented reality may be present. We understand that 4G network bandwidth is clearly not enough for this. Therefore, mobile communications, mobile Internet and the Internet they used to be the infrastructural basis of digital transformation from one standard to another,” said the expert.

As previously reported, Bundestag opposed the participation of Huawei in infrastructure creation for the fifth-generation 5G mobile communications in Germany

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