Bitcoin continues to fall

  • Bitcoin continues to fall

Kyiv: The most popular cryptocurrency - Bitcoin continues to fall in price. The Western media gave this report 

As noted, during the day Bitcoin lost more than 15% of its value. According to the specialized portal Coindesk , as of November 25, the price of Bitcoin amounted to 3534 dollars.

In addition, it was also reported that over the past 24 hours other digital currencies have fallen in price by almost 10%, particularly, ethereum, litcoin and XPR.

It is worth noting that the greatest value of Bitcoin was recorded in 2017 and at nearly 20,000 dollars. Since then, it began to constantly lose its value.

Analysts have cited several reasons for the decline of the digital currency. Among them, the prohibition of mining Bitcoins in China and the prohibition of British and American banks to use credit cards for the acquisition of Bitcoins, as well as strengthening regulation of cryptocurrency markets in some countries.

Recall that at the time the head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi gave a warning on a big risk for the acquisition of Bitcoins and called cryptocurrency in speculative assets.

As we reported earlier, in mid-November this year there was a significant decrease in the cost of cryptocurrency due to massive sales.

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