Sony Company to launch the blockchain platform for content protection

  • Sony Company to launch the blockchain platform for content protection

Japanese technological giant Sony, known for its developments in high technology, communications and instrument engineering, plans to start creating the new blockchain platforms. Among the priority, tasks are the construction of a hub for data storage in order to protect the rights of content owners and transfer multimedia information, which will be sent for targeted use among customers and corporate owners.

According to the company's press release, published on the official website, the development team is already conducting the first tests. It is also reported that Sony has sent three documents to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), describing the new platforms.

It is also known that the new project (so far, the name has not been invented for it) is built on the basis of the previously developed system Sony and Sony Global Education, which is used for “authenticating, sharing and managing the educational data rights, as well as for the functional processing of information related to personal and corporate rights".

The company acknowledges that the rather complicated and difficult process of protecting the digital rights from fraudulent has already led to the development of various blockchain projects, each of which is aimed at a wide area of ​​digital space with the possibility of further integration into more advanced platforms.

“Sony Group is also considering innovative ways to use blockchain technology to manage an information and disseminate data in entire areas of various technological processes,” added in the company.

There is an information in media that these blockchain projects will concern not only data protection from use of pirates. Among the possible options is the creation of a database for authors and content owners, who will receive the special keys to open access to data for a limited or specific circle of information distribution. Sony management is confident that by this way, they will contribute to reducing the unauthorized use of information and products, providing thorough protection to content owners.

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