Ronaldo is accused of rape

  • Ronaldo is accused of rape

Kyiv: One of the most famous football players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, is accused of rape.

This is reported by local media.

Catherine Mayorga, an athlete's former girlfriend, said that in 2009, in a Las Vegas hotel after the party, Cristiano raped her while she screamed. Because of this, a woman filed a lawsuit in Clark County, Nevada.

The lawyer of the injured, Leslie Stovall, reported that one of the points in the suit is psychological pressure on the woman. According to her, the footballer, together with his team, “took advantage of its precarious position” and forced them to sign a non-disclosure agreement. For this woman received 375,000 dollars. Now she seeks to restore criminal proceedings against the athlete.

 “This is a violation of our client’s personal rights and a very serious violation. This is an unacceptable message in the field of confidentiality,” says Ronaldo’s lawyer.

“What they said today is fake news. They want to push up at my expense. This is normal. They want to be famous by saying my name. This is the cause of everything that happens. I am a happy person, and everything is fine with me,” the sportsman commented on the situation during the live broadcast on Instagram.

There is information that allegedly earlier Ronaldo argued that Mayorga did not want to have sexual contact with him, resisted and screamed.

Police note that the criminal case has been reopened. The football star is currently under investigation.

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