A new world record speed of a bicycle

  • A new world record speed of a bicycle

Kyiv: Denise Mueller-Korenek, an American by origin, managed to disperse the bike to 296 kilometers per hour, setting a world record in this discipline.

The race took place in the state of Utah at the bottom of the dried-up Lake Bonneville, where they constantly arrange races for maximum speed. The 45-year-old American managed to accelerate to 296 km/h, setting a new world record.

"It was a crazy trip, and it's worth those years that were spent in order to become the fastest bicyclist of the planet," said Mueller-Korenek.

Recall that the previous record belonged to Fred Rompelberg of the Netherlands in 1995 and was 268.7 km/h. And the world record among women was delivered by Müller-Korenek herself. In 2016 she accelerated the bike to 237.7 km/h.

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