PSG to issue fan token

  • PSG to issue fan token

Kiev: One of the most recognized French soccer teams Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in close cooperation with blockchain firm Socios will launch a token.

Socios blockchain platform is called chiliZ. There are a lot of famous crypto market players among the company’s investors, including the crypto giant Binance. Currently, the chiliZ project managed to raise $66 million, according to the information provided by Alexandre Dreyfus, the executive director of Socios.

Productive cooperation between PSG and Socios will let the team to launch a Fan Token Offering. Soccer fans will have entry to tokens along with the right to vote, the opportunity to get a VIP position and all kinds of awards.

Fans will be able to play an active role in the team’s life, vote for a particular color of team players' uniform, stadium background music or its logo. In addition, it will be possible to vote for the best match or month player, choose opponents for friendly matches or pre-season tournaments, etc.

PSG is planning to use all the benefits that the crypto asset will offer. The innovative technology will have an unbelievable impact on the club’s administrative strategy and fans' engagement, Marc Armstrong, PSG’s Chief Partnership Officer, stated.

Allegedly, the fan tokens of the French soccer team will be traded on Socios, however pair traded with chiliZ (CHZ). The start date and token's price are still unknown.

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