Process Of Certification Of Crypto-Traders Begins In Russia

  • Process Of Certification Of Crypto-Traders Begins In Russia

MOSCOW (FNI) - The Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and the blockbuster has launched a program for the certification of cryptographic programs. Candidates will be evaluated, after which they will be issued a certificate that will show the level of their competence in the field of crypto currency. It can be checked on the association's website. Training will be offered to those who have received the required number of points.

This was reported on the official website of the association.

"In particular, the assessment of skills in the formation of standards will be conducted: reporting, workflow, customer service, remuneration, risk-sharing and profit sharing," the RACIB informed.

The competence evaluation will be conducted according to the following criteria:

Knowledge of technical analysis

Knowledge of fundamental analysis

Knowledge of semantic analysis

Knowledge of management risk

Knowledge of Money Management

Skills of drawing up of trading strategy

Trading Planning Skills

Margin Trading Skills

Self-control skills

The organization also stressed that both the traders and the funds will be able to take part in the RACIB program.

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