Andy Warhol’s 14 Small Electric Chairs To Be Sold in Blockchain Art Auction

  • Andy Warhols 14 Small Electric Chairs To Be Sold in Blockchain Art Auction

KYIV (FNI) - The Dadiani Syndicate Gallery sold a share from Andy Warhol's famous work "14 small electric chairs" in the crypto currency. The auction was supported by the Maecenas block-platform.

Part of the famous series "Reversal" by Warhol, a landmark picture is currently estimated at 5.6 million US dollars. Buyers will be able to purchase digital certificates for the block, representing fractional ownership in the picture, using tokens such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and own Maecenas, ART.

"We’re making history. This event marks the first-ever artwork to be tokenised and to be sold using blockchain technology. We are proud to be pioneers in this space – this is the result of many years of hard work. This Warhol is the first artwork of many more to come. We’re starting this exciting journey alongside our strategic partner Dadiani, who not only fully supports our vision, but also will play a key long-term role in helping us transform the art market," said Marcelo Garcia Casil, CEO of Maecenas.

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