ICANN To Change DNS Cryptographic Keys

  • ICANN To Change DNS Cryptographic Keys

KYIV (FNI) - The Internet Naming and Numbers Corporation (ICANN) will conduct the first-ever change of cryptographic keys required to protect the Internet Domain Name System (DSN). This system is designed to obtain information about domains - names used for addressing in the network.

In connection with the change of encryption, "a small percentage of users" may encounter problems when opening addresses of sites in the browser, explained in the press service of ICANN.

The update is scheduled for October 11, but the final approval of this date is due at the board meeting of the corporation on September 12.

Cryptographic keys are used to confirm information that the address used by the ISP is correct. Prior to their introduction, criminals could intercept the request and replace the IP address. Changing the keys is necessary to prevent a massive cyber attack. Like passwords, keys need to be updated periodically.

ICANN notes that it is better to take preventive substitution in normal mode.

However, if the programs using outdated validation are not updated to the new KSK standard and these complications become large-scale, the corporation may decide to "roll back the changes" and "return the system to a stable state."

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