Crypto fraud russian accused of interfering in us elections

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Kiev: Alexander Vinnik, suspected of crypto fraud, may have information about the activities of a group of officers of the Russian Intelligence Agency, accused of interfering in the American elections by US Attorney Robert Mueller.

The Greek police detained Vinnik in 2017 after he faced the charges of money laundering filed by the San Francisco prosecutor's office as one of the leaders of the BTC-e crypto exchange. Since then, the US, France, and Russia have been seeking his extradition. The Supreme Court of Greece is expected to take a decision on this issue on September 19.

According to US law enforcement officers, hackers from the Fancy Bear group, whose members could be representatives of Russian intelligence, stole emails of the democratic party representatives and falsified their votes in the 2016 election. Elliptic claims that all of these actions were carried out via the BTC-e crypto exchange, which allowed anonymous operations.

“There was a strong link between much of the funds allegedly used by the Fancy Bear group and BTC-e… What I can’t say for certain is whether Fancy Bear obtained them directly from BTC-e, or whether there was an intermediary," Tom Robinson, chief data officer at Elliptic, stated.

Ilias Spyrliadis, the lawyer of the accused Russian, stated that Vinnik didn’t know who was using the platform since he did not manage it directly and was just an expert. He could see the user's personal documents but could not verify their authenticity.

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