Ok Go presented another creative video

  • Ok Go presented another creative video

Kyiv: American alternative band OK Go presented a new video for the song “Obsession”.

This time in the clip was involved 567 synchronized printers. It took about two years to prepare for the filming (development of a program for printers).

Because of the huge amount of used paper, the video was shot from the first take. The shooting lasted 5 days.

The video was posted on YouTube on November 23, and already has over 1.1 million views.

The team is known primarily not for their songs, but for creative videos, many of which have become viral.

So, the guys previously presented a video on the treadmills and even in weightlessness. One of the videos that made the band famous was the video for “The Writings On the Wall”, built on optical illusions and a "sticky" clip of “This Too Shall Pass”, based on a chain reaction.