Australia has extended financial sanctions against Russia

  • Australia has extended financial sanctions against Russia

Canberra: To extend financial sanctions against the Russian Federation, as well as against citizens and companies responsible for threatening the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the Australian government decided.

The action of financial sanctions and restrictions applies to citizens and enterprises of the Russian Federation, the occupied Crimea and representatives of the "LNR" and "DNR", the Australian Foreign Ministry said.

In the sanctions list of Australia 48 enterprises and 153 Russian citizens got. To this list, which was first published in 2014, additionally included another 42 people and 12 companies.

Sanctions have been extended for the next three years, or they may end as soon as Russia fulfills its obligations under the second Minsk accords.

Earlier, the leader of the Austrian ultra-right party Heinz-Christian Strähe in Vienna said that the Crimea should be recognized as part of Russia, and the imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation should be abolished.

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